Prismatic Tullamore Dew

Tullamore was born right here at Prismatic. She is a well balanced girl with nice type paired with a clear coat and large, bold rosetting. She has a nice muzzle, nocturnal eyes, and medium ears that are well set and rounded. When people meet her in person they always exclaim that she looks "very wild." Don't let the wild look fool you- she is a lover! Another fun fact, this girl has super high toy drive and loves to play! 


PaintedCats Clarity of Prismatic

Clarity is a lovely, young cat from our friend Jim with PaintedCats. She has a crisp, clear background with nice flow to her pattern. She is a large girl that is well balanced all around. She has a nice profile, smaller ears, and wide, prominent nose leather that adds to a "wild" appearance. We are excited to have her here in Georgia and can't wait to see her future litters.


Traipse Mountain Reign of Prismatic

Reign comes from our good friend Teresa at Traipse Cattery in Seattle. She is an awesome example of a cat with a true, pelted coat and passes on outstanding contrast to her kittens.  She is an absolute love bug and enjoys being around everyone she meets. She has amazing color and coat clarity, huge, nocturnal eyes, a nice profile, and smaller ears. We are honored to have this doll of a cat!

- Reign is titled as a CFA Champion -


Prismatic Final Reflection

Fin is another one of our homegrown girls. She has warm/reddish coloration, nice contrast for red toned cat, and a short, tight coat. She is a sweet natured girl and craves constant attention from anyone she meets. She was born from the last litter that her father (Drinkwater Cloud Reflection) ever produced before his retirement in early 2018. As a result, she earned her name in his honor. ​