Do we offer a Health Guarantee?


Yes, and YES! If you only take away one piece of advice from this page , PLEASE let this be it! Reputable breeders will offer a minimum of a one year congenital health guarantee. This ensures that the breeder is confident enough in the health of the kittens they are producing to stand by that promise and ensure that you are getting what you pay for. That being said, we offer a 5 year congenital health guarantee.  

Breeding high quality, healthy Bengals is a time consuming and expensive job. We do not believe in cutting corners with testing, housing, or socializing our kittens. We are emotionally invested in each kitten that leaves us and we want to do everything in our power to ensure that they make a wonderful transition into your home.

What is our health protocol for kittens?



  • Each kitten is preventatively dewormed with Strongid at 1ml/5lbs  of body weight at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks of age

  • Each litter will have a minimum of 2 negative fecals (parasite ova and antigen test) before leaving our cattery

  • Kittens will receive age appropriate vaccinations prior to leaving - we vaccinate using only Merial PureVax vaccines as they do not contain the adjuvants associated with injection site sarcomas

  • Each individual kitten will have a full veterinary health exam that deems them healthy and ready for their new home

What health testing/clearances do we do?


It's a pretty long list, but here it is...

  • Fecal ova & Antigen test through an outsourced lab

  • Respiratory PCR on all breeding cats in our program (when appropriate) 

  • Fecal PCR and culture on all breeding cats in our program (including Toxoplasmosis and Tritrichomonas)

  • Blood typing on each breeding cat to ensure all cats are of "A" blood type

  • FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) antibody blood test and FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) antigen blood test

  • Full echocardiogram and HCM screen every 12-18 months on breeding adults 

  • PK Deficiency (Erythrocyte Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency) - an inherited hemolytic anemia

  • PRA (Progressive retinal atrophy) - an ocular disorder that results in unstoppable, irreversible blindness

  • In addition, all of our cats are cleared by Optimal Selection labs for over 40 various genetic diseases 

What are our recommendations for vaccinations?


We recommend vaccinating according to the 

AAFP Feline Vaccination Advisory Panel


  • Given at 8, 12, and 16 weeks of age.
  • If your time between a booster is exceeded by more than the 4 week mark once your kitten goes home, we do highly suggest making sure that ultimately 2 vaccines are administered 3-4 weeks apart after the kitten is a minimum of 12 weeks of age.
  • This vaccine should be boostered again 1 year following the 16 week kitten vaccine. At that time, the vaccine may be considered a 3 year vaccination and boostered accordingly.

Feline Leukemia: 

  • Given anytime after your kitten arrives home (can start as early as 10 weeks) and boostered ONCE 3-4 weeks later. If the "window" for the booster exceeds 4 weeks, restart the vaccine series and booster accordingly.
  • This vaccine should be boostered again one year after the kitten series is given. If the cat is considered "low risk" and does not sneak out of the house, have contact with other kitties outside of the household, or walk on a harness, the vaccine may be discontinued at your discretion. Otherwise, this vaccine should be continued annually. 


  • Given according anytime after your kitten reaches 12 weeks of age. This vaccine will only need to be boostered ONE YEAR following the initial dose. After that, most locations will only require this vaccine to be administered every 3 years. Please follow the laws of your location!