Written Testimonials

From: Pedro

Owned by: Kalhua (born February 2014), Layla (born May 2015), and Zatara (born February 2016)

“After researching for quite a time we came across with Prismatic Bengals Website..(The best thing that happened to us)....I started reading all of the nice information on the website about the breed, the history, the standard of the breed and I was amazed, but when I saw pictures and the quality of their cats I was sold. The care and dedication with which their cats are kept and raised is incomparable. Jordan possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Bengal breed and the most amazing thing is that she is very willing to share it, she will guide you to always choose the best kitten for you and I have been more than lucky to have her as a mentor/friend. The kittens are always so well socialized that it’s incredible. Our amazing boy Prismatic Kaluah is one of the most structurally sound cats I have had the pleasure of owning, with a wonderful temperament to boot. He is a dream cat ( MY DREAM CAT) and did I say he is not the only one.....I would recommend a kitten from Prismatic Cattery without any hesitation whatsoever!”

From: The Roberts Family

Owned by: Symmi (born April 2009) and Fitz (born June 2015)

"​We cannot say enough wonderful things about Jordan and her beautiful Bengals. We have gotten two Bengals via Prismatic Bengals over the years, and I cannot imagine ever not having a Bengal in my life now that they are here. We got our cats a couple years apart, and it was so fun to meet all of Jordan's kitties and check out her amazing cat set up. It is our goal to build our Bengals a cat jungle-gym like that some day.

Adding a new pet to your family can be a big decision. Deciding where to get your Bengal kitten is not. Get them from PRISMATIC BENGALS!  Jordan's cats are raised around people, pets, and most of all LOVE. Not only will your kitten be an exotic head turner but it will also be a life companion full of personality and spunk.

We have two Bengals, and now my sister (Chelsae) also has two Bengals from Prismatic Bengals. We are hooked!  My sister's bengals are gaining Instagram fame and are often featured in her Instagram feed! The first question her followers ask is "WHAT KIND OF CAT IS THAT?" Next they ask, "Where can I get one?" 

From: C. Puig

Owned by: Mahi (born July 2015)

“This is my baby Mahi. She’s a Bengal cat/ Adventure Lion I got from Prismatic Bengals. She goes on lots of adventures with me (Hiking, Dolphin watching at the beach, car rides, tanning in the backyard, bon fires, even dog parks). She quickly learned to follow commands; she can sit, give me her paw, give kisses and play fetch and walk on a leash. She’s been on planes rides and car trips from South Carolina to New Jersey and everywhere in-between. She loves big dogs and has lived with a black lab, golden retriever, terrier mix, boxer and 2 huskys. Each dog relationship ended up the same with lots of curiosity in the beginning, tons of playing, and long naps together and a little mischief. Mahi is extremely intelligent and vocal. She exercises on a cat treadmill every day and enjoys taking naps in her window hammock. She has a passion for stealing pens, straws, eyeliner and hiding them under my oven. She’s an extremely loving cat, she falls asleep on me every night and when I come home later than expected I get an earful. I’m grateful that I found Prismatic Bengals. Jordan has been awesome with any questions I’ve had since before he day I picked Mahi up. She hasn’t had one health issue to date and her rosettes are beautiful just like her temperament. Everywhere I bring Mahi people want to meet her and take her picture; basically I’m the body guard to a cat model. In the future I plan to get a partner in crime for Mahi and I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” 

From: C. Coffey

Owned by: Costa (born May 2016) and Rio (born August 2016)

“We got both of our Bengals from Prismatic Bengals. Jordan is the sweetest. She allowed us to see all of her Bengals. Answered all questions we had about health and food. We played with the kittens and fell in love. Costa ( female) was our first. Very vocal and loving wild child! Rio a male was our second. He is quieter but teases our other cat Lucy nonstop. He is so sweet and smart! We are so happy that Jordan allowed us to make them part of our family. Costa is now almost 2 yrs old and Rio will be 2 in August. These cats are stunning and smart!” 

From: The Wells Family

Owned by: Saba (F4 Bengal) (born March 2008)

“Saba came to us from Jordan at just the right time. My husband suffers from Alzheimer's and the anxiety and depression that goes along with this is sometimes overwhelming. However when Saba crawls into his lap, there is a calmness and peace that comes over him. Thank you Jordan for your love and dedication to the Bengal breed. We love our Saba cat.”

From: The Davidson Family

Owned by: Cooper (born February 2015) and Simon (born February 2016)

​“Here are Cooper and his little brother Simon. They are exactly a year apart from the same parents at Prismatic Bengals. We couldn’t be happier with these beautiful boys. Not only have they become great buddies but also have fun with our two Havanese dogs.
These are most certainly high quality Bengals that we could show, if we were inclined. But we are just happy to have them in the family. Our adoption experience with Prismatic and Jordan could not have been better. Thanks Jordan!”