Not all cats and kittens are born for the show world. Not only must they develop into excellent examples of the breed, complete with top notch conformation, coloring, and health, they must also have the personality. Not every cat we own attends shows. Some simply do not enjoy it-- and that's okay! It is hard work and a very demanding "job" to be a show cat. There are lots and LOTS of smells, sights, and loud sounds. In the show videos below you will hear judges that not only compliment the appearance and structure of our Bengals but also the easy handleability of them as well.

NOTE: Just because a cat or kitten decides they don't like to be shown, this doesn't mean they aren't beautiful, healthy, outgoing, or confident. 

Below are a few of our favorite videos of our very own cats and kittens that were born for the show hall! 

Reign's first kitten show (Best in Show)

Here is a video of Reign at her very first TICA show as a kitten. She not only took Best Bengal kitten, but also took Best Shorthair and Best Allbreed. This means that she was awarded best overall kitten in show by the judge. She was also the youngest kitten in the show hall at 4 months and 1 day old which makes her win even more impressive! 

Way to go baby Reign!

Catmandu's first adult show (Best in Show)

This video is from Catmandu's head to head battle with a gorgeous Maine Coon for Best In Show after receiving Best Shorthair. Once the Best Shorthair and Best Longhair cats are selected in the show, they must be judged against each other to determine the overall winner. He was barely 8 months old so he had to show against the more mature adult cats. Luckily, he has always been pure muscle! Nice work, Catman!

Streak's first adult show (Best of Breed)

This is our retired female Streak (DGC BengalislandCat Hot Streak of Prismatic) who is closely related to our boy HiTide. Streak took Best of Breed in this ring and finished in the top 10 against the other breeds in show. Streak was the winningest cat we have ever had and has since retired with the Herran family. We sure miss showing you, Streak!

Reign's second kitten show (Best Shorthair)

Reign had quite the show career as a kitten! She finished the season as 2nd best female Bengal kitten in the entire Southeast Region. In this video, she took Best of Breed, Best Shorthair, and 4th best kitten overall when judged against the longhair kittens. We are hopeful that some of her future kittens will follow in her paw prints with impressive show careers of their own!