Raised In Home


We have a kitten nursery room in our home where the kittens are born and spend the first weeks of life. As they grow, they begin to explore the entire house to learn all about daily sights and sounds to build confident, outgoing personalities. We are able to see individual personalities develop to place them in a well matched home.

Family Focused


We take great pride in placing a kitten into your family based on your lifestyle and expectations. Every single kitten is different and has their very own, unique personality. It is important to remember that our goal is to always place a kitten in a home that we feel is the best match for your family.

Sound Temperament


Some people are social butterflies that enjoy adventure at every opportunity, some people shy and prefer a more quiet lifestyle, some people are a balance of the two. Bengals are no different! We sincerely pride ourselves on producing loving, properly socialized kittens that will be an amazing addition to your family. 

Kitten Pricing

It is very important to know that we typically have a waiting list for our kittens - if you are interested in getting a kitten from Prismatic, please contact us to further discuss what you are looking for and be placed on the waiting list.